The Coche Coche Story.

Coche Coche's founders Jesper, David and Vic have been cycling together for many years up and down the beautiful climbs in the South of Spain. Over the years, they've seen an increase of cycling tourism and cyclists in general in and around the Costa Tropical, where it's soft climate enables you to ride throughout the year.

Looking at the popularity of cycling cafés in Denmark and The Netherlands, and the great cycling culture Girona offers, Jesper and Vic thought it was about time to bring that to the South, to La Herradura to be precise. With David as the owner of BikeStore Nerja, a team was formed and a garage was rented... and after an intense transformation the first Cycling Café in the Costa Tropical was opened in the summer of '22.

Even though the build turned out to be a very complex project (applying for licenses, electricity, water and many other topics we won't bother you with), the spirit was always high because we were creating something new and unique. We're proud how the café has turned out and to see cyclists coming in, enjoying our specialty coffee and having a delicous sandwich.

Specialty Coffee. Bike Repairs.

Our Rocket Espresso machine and our baristas are making sure you get the best coffee in the area. We use freshly roasted beans only and that shows when you taste it. Next to that we have an in-house bike repair shop, where we repair and do maintenance of road bikes, mountain bikes, electric bikes and kids bikes.

Pas Normal Studios.

Pas Normal Studios is a Copenhagen based brand of contemporary, technical cycling clothing. The concept of Pas Normal Studios is to create technically perfect apparel, combined with visionary aesthetics. Through innovative designs, collaborations with other brands and finding new production methods, Pas Normal Studios strives to release collections that are innovative and always of the highest quality.